Why wasn't terror attack on Page 1?

Posted10/9/2012 4:40 AM

On Sept. 28, I opened my Daily Herald, what I thought of as a "newspaper," to find five different stories on the front page: No. 1, regarding how schools measure improvement; No. 2, the horrible odor caused by a van full of dead animals, disgusting, yes; No. 3, about a man that tried to have someone hurt over an inheritance; No. 4, an article about suburban Muslims asking for social media help to shine up their image; and No. 5, a couple of teasers about "The Ryder Cup."

This was the "front page" the day after we Americans learned for sure that our president and his staff have been lying to us for the last 17 days regarding the attack on our embassy that resulted in the deaths of four Americans.

Seventeen days of being told over and over that it was a simple unexpected "mob action," not a planned attack scheduled to happen on Sept. 11. Seventeen days and the FBI still hasn't even gotten to the area where the attack took place. Oh, and why the FBI? Shouldn't it be the CIA or Secret Service? Why were we Americans lied to repeatedly about this? Why did our leader, President Obama, go to Las Vegas to attend a campaign fundraiser right after a terrorist attack against us took place, and he knew that it was in fact a planned attack?

This information and questions should have been front page news on Sept. 28. Instead the Daily Herald chose to disseminate this information on Page 2 in one paragraph under World & Nation in 60 seconds. Well, at least part of one headline was correct, there is a "foul odor."

Sherie Dvorak

Sleepy Hollow

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