Endorsement: Dold over Schneider in 10th Congressional District

Updated 10/9/2012 5:54 AM

There is little question that in his first term, Rep. Robert Dold of Kenilworth has continued the 10th Congressional District's long tradition of moderate, independent representation. He wins our strong endorsement over Democrat Brad Schneider of Deerfield. Much like his Republican predecessors Mark Kirk and John Porter, Dold has established himself as a congressman who determines his position based on the needs of his constituents, not the needs of his party. His voting record indicates he is willing to split with the party when necessary. We're also impressed that his background in small business provides him with thoughtful common-sense insight into the economic challenges facing Middle America. While Schneider seems personable and, on the surface, well intended, his campaign's willingness to blatantly misrepresent Dold's positions and candidacy is troubling to say the least. It suggests that if elected, he would fall into the same reflexive partisanship that stops Washington from addressing real problems. Schneider should demand better of his campaign. And certainly, the voters should in the 10th District, which takes in much of eastern Lake County and the top tier of townships in eastern Cook County. Dold is the clear choice.

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