All about pettiness and jealousy

Posted10/6/2012 4:47 AM

All about pettiness and jealousy

Well, now that Mitt Romney released his tax returns we all get what we expected from the left. Harry Reid claimed a few times over the past month that Romney paid no taxes, proves to us just how reliable and honest Reid is.

But now they change the conversation to "Well, he didn't pay enough taxes" even though he paid more than most people make in a year or 10, not to mention he gave more to charity than what most people make in a year or 10.

So now we're listening to Obama claiming he did not pay enough taxes, who, I have to ask wants to vote for someone who is expressing petty jealousy about the other candidate.

The left seems all about petty jealousies under the guise of fairness. Well, the world is not fair and never has been and never will be. So do we want petty jealousies driving who we want to represent us? I hope not. The president has a poor track record and can't run on what he has not accomplished, so we're left with what we thought would we would be, an attempt to have us give him our vote based on pettiness and jealousy.

Martin J Uttich

Carol Stream

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