Wal-Mart makes first move to build in Carpentersville

Updated 9/28/2012 2:35 PM

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has taken the first step in the lengthy process of building a Super Center in Carpentersville, a store that will supplant the Walmart store in neighboring East Dundee.

Friday morning, the world's largest retailer submitted a development application to Carpentersville, provided site maps of its proposed store and $1,000 to pay for the review, Assistant Village Manager Joe Wade said.

"This starts the process of reviewing engineering, stormwater management, zoning, traffic access, all of these types of development issues," Wade said.

Village staffers will run the initial review and submit it to the village's planning and zoning commission for consideration.

The commission which would then forward its recommendations to the village board for a final vote. Board approval would allow Wal-Mart to file for permits for construction at Besinger Drive and Lake Marian Road, Wade said.

Wal-Mart officials have said the new store should be open by 2015.

It would result in a total of 295 jobs for Carpentersville -- the corporation would hire 125 new employees and bring over the 170 workers now employed at the East Dundee store.

East Dundee leaders are reeling from the news Wal-Mart appears to be making good on its intention to leave the village after 21 years, because it means a loss in about $850,000 in annual revenue the retail giant generated for the village.

East Dundee Village President Jerald Bartels is also moving ahead with plans to remove Frank Scarpelli from his village's planning and zoning commission on Monday. Scarpelli's family owns the property Wal-Mart hopes to build on in Carpentersville, and Scarpelli was involved in negotiations to bring Wal-Mart to Carpentersville.

"It doesn't make sense for him to continue in that position if his interests are in Carpentersville," Bartels said.

East Dundee is also preparing for life after Walmart. The store's lease expires in 2017 and Bartels hopes the company sublets the time left on the lease to a prosperous new tenant.

"If their decision is to leave, that's great, then leave," Bartels said. "Don't leave and control the building at the same time."

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