Property tax seminar helped save money

Posted9/23/2012 5:00 AM

I want to thank one of our elected officials for doing something that has helped me and many of my neighbors save some money.

Last year, our state representative, Carol Sente, organized a bipartisan Property Tax Appeal Seminar. I told several of my neighbors about it and many of us went. The seminar explained the process and made it simple for us to take the steps to file the appeals. The results for me, personally, and for many of my neighbors was that we were able to successfully appeal our property taxes and get hundreds of dollars in reductions.

Being on a fixed income, the savings is a big deal to me. Rep. Sente is now petitioning for a new law to freeze property tax increases. I, like most people, am quick to criticize elected officials when I don't like what they do. But I will vote for Carol Sente because I appreciate what she is trying to do for "we the people."

Lynn Gibson

Vernon Hills

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