Stop name-calling and offer a plan

Posted9/12/2012 5:00 AM

Why are U.S. voters so stupid and nave? Both parties spend millions of dollars spouting lies about their opponents, and the American voter eats it up. Mitt Romney caused a woman to die from cancer? It's on TV, so it must be true. Barack Obama wants to eliminate the work element of welfare? Yup, that must also be true because I saw it on TV.

Tax returns, birth certificates, college transcripts, things said or done 40 years ago ... who cares? Talk about the issues and present actual plans for getting this country back on track or get out of the way, because we can't put up with this garbage any longer.

If Obama cannot run on his record, why allow him to simply attempt to destroy his opponent in order to win? If he can't offer solutions and show results after four years and can only besmirch the name of his opponent or the past president, then he should be voted out of office.

If Romney cannot offer actual ideas and solutions to our economic problems, rather than point the finger at Obama for being a failure, then he should not represent the Republican Party.

We've also had a do-nothing Congress for years, and the American voter just keeps electing the same people over and over again. This makes absolutely no sense. There are bad politicians on both sides of the aisle, people need to set aside their party affiliations and start doing what's best for the country, not what's best for their party.

The American voter needs to wake up and stop accepting this fourth-grade name calling as "campaigning" before it's too late. Make these politicians step up to the table, discuss the issues and offer viable solutions or let's find some new candidates.

Paul Lee

Arlington Heights

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