St. Charles should leave McIlvaine alone

Posted9/12/2012 4:40 AM

I have been following the story of Cliff McIlvaine vs. the City of St. Charles. It's an amazing saga of good versus evil. The difficulty is determining which is which. Unbelievable that the villain is finally apprehended.

Has anybody stopped to consider some concerns regarding this fiasco? Attorneys' fees paid to the legal team hired to ensure the safety of the dangerous rain man. Tax dollars hard at work defending the helpless citizens. That's an expensive lesson in freedom and democracy.


Any other more pressing and serious concerns? What about drug houses? I haven't read about any rainwater overdoses. What about the individual rights we cherish in the privacy of our own homes? Do you know what else you're allowed to do in your own house or not? If dangerous rainwater falls from the sky by God's hand, who governs the use? Next, will children be rounded up for catching snowflakes on their tongues?

Ever notice that government buildings have a button to push to call in your anonymous complaints? Press 1 for English, press 3 to rat-out your neighbor. It's called self policing. Don't worry, calls are taken seriously and the enforcement officer will be out to save us.

Did anybody stop to help or assist Cliff McIlvaine? What happened to freedom? Jailed for contempt of court -- it's way past contempt. It's ridiculous. Next rainstorm, I'm putting out a bucket to collect rainwater -- the Boston Tea Party in reverse -- I'll wait to see what happens next.

Here's an idea, leave that old man alone. Pick on someone your own size. Let him live out his days in peace and tranquility and, if he dies of rainwater poisoning, the city will have certain victory ... until it rains again.

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Angelo Valdes

Pastor, H.E.L.P.S. Ministry

St. Charles

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