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I read with interest the July 24 story, "Horse Boarding Still a Hot-Button Issue in Barrington Hills", which centers on equestrian activity at Cathy and Berry LeCompte's Oakwood Farm. In 2008, two Oakwood neighbors, Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Drury, tried to have both Oakwood's polo field and boarding and training facility closed. This is difficult to comprehend since in the past both families availed themselves to the LeComptes' hospitality by using the property for their own equestrian pursuits.

The rich history of this equestrian community, one of the last of its type in the country, is part of our village heritage. Oakwood Farm has always been an anchor as a good neighbor and a strong supporter of equestrian events, including hosting the Barrington Hills Polo Club's annual polo match, which has become one of the premier social events within the village.

I am not an equestrian, but a tenant at Oakwood where I reside in close proximity to the barn in the little cottage at Bateman and Deepwood roads. The regular operation of the farm in no way impedes my quality of life. It is always kept in pristine condition, there is never any odor, and I seldom hear the horses, other than a occasional pleasant whinny when my windows are open. As far as excess traffic on Deepwood is concerned, I seldom see any traffic accessing Oakwood Farm from Deepwood Road, as the main entrance is off of Bateman, not Deepwood; and even there most of the equestrian traffic is going to the Riding Center across the street.

It is difficult to understand the apparent animosity of these gentlemen towards the LeComptes, especially when for years they were all friends. Is it really about the equestrian activity at Oakwood Farm, or is it personal?

I am certain the village has more pressing issues to deal with than what appears to be no more than a temper tantrum. Can we finally put this to rest and allow those who live in horse country to simply enjoy it, whether we ride or not?

Gloria Nelson

Barrington Hills

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