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posted: 7/8/2012 5:00 AM

More than dialogue needed by Catholics

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How disappointing to read the comments by Rev. Corey Brost of St. Viator with respect to the Catholic Church and its campaign for religious freedom. I literally wanted to walk out my door and scream to the heavens. His two main themes are so far off the mark. He "advocates for more dialogue" and warns this campaign could be harmful to the church.

Dialogue led to the current health care legislation, with the government promising to respect religious institutions. That promise was broken with the initial HHS mandate that had to be withdrawn due to a firestorm of protest (not dialogue). The church again opened up dialogue and it led to the "compromise" which ended up being no compromise at all. Indeed, even the Catholic Health Association, which initially echoed Rev. Brost's views, has relented and come out against the compromise: "The exemption in the final rule is narrower than any conscience clause ever enacted in federal law and reflects an unacceptable change in federal policy regarding religious beliefs." And the government has made it clear they are done talking -- this is it, take it or leave it. So where is the dialogue you want the church to engage in?

Then Rev. Brost warns this campaign may be viewed as "unnecessary politicization from the pulpit." Unnecessary? Fundamental, long-standing Catholic institutions are at risk! Politicization? The church is informing people about what this mandate can and will lead to. Our ability to live our faith in society is at risk. We need leaders, Rev. Brost, not priests who ask us to quiet down and talk softly. Rev. Brost can sit in the academic bleachers, bemoan the effort and keep calling the White House who won't pick up the phone. I for one would rather be on the field.

William Crimmins

Arlington Heights

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