Video gambling could come to Carpentersville

Posted7/6/2012 4:22 PM

Video gambling could become the law of the land Tuesday in Carpentersville.

The village board is scheduled to take a vote that night on whether to overturn a previous ordinance that prohibited video gambling.


Video gambling became a law in 2009, but machines haven't been allowed to go live while the long regulation process moves forward. State gaming board officials recently said the process could be finished as soon as August.

Counties and towns that allow gambling are expected to get 5 percent of the profit from each machine, while the state is expected to receive 25 percent of the profit. Owners and terminal operators will evenly split the rest of the money.

It's not known how much money the measure would generate in Carpentersville.

Village President Ed Ritter would be happy if it brought in $50,000 a year for the town coffers.

"That would be tops," Ritter said.

If Carpentersville approves video gambling, trustees would consider a separate ordinance that would put money generated from it toward building up a new fund they've reserved for buying new equipment.

Ritter estimates about a dozen businesses in town would qualify for the video gambling.

As part of the ordinance, the businesses would need to pay $250 for the first terminal and $50 for each additional one. The maximum any outlet could have is five.

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