Fix flooding before building Philhaven

Posted4/23/2012 5:00 AM

The planning commission heard many comments/concerns regarding the Philhaven project at the past several meetings and now seems to be focused on the suitability of the proposed tenants of this building project. As a 40-year resident of Lakeside Villas (bordering this property) I feel that the development of this property at this time would be catastrophic due to the issue of flooding in our immediate area.

After many, many years we finally have a responsible engineering study which reveals what needs to be done to alleviate our problem. The solution lies in rerouting the rainwater runoff into the Cook County sewers. Hundreds of Lakeside Villas and Jackson Drive residents have suffered through numerous serious flooding events and are finally in sight of relief.


For the Village of Wheeling to consider adding additional property development before this has been solved is unbelievable. We have been part of the Village for 40 years and rather than ignoring the fact that we need Village help in solving this issue and not helping us deal with the Cook County officials to gain permission to finally solve the problem seems irresponsible.

Please understand that the residents of this area are part of the Village and deserve responsible actions to fix this problem before developing the adjacent property.

Marti Chapman


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