Cross uncontested but worth a vote

Posted3/13/2012 5:16 AM

I am writing to you to support and endorse the Honorable Tom Cross for re-election to the Illinois House.

I have known Tom for some eight years, and have watched him rise as a freshman legislator to a very well respected and experienced political leader.


As Minority Leader of the Illinois House, Tom has distinguished himself by uncovering political corruption and wasteful spending by state officials. As our elected member of the House, he has been instrumental in bringing funds home for our schools and highways.

Tom is unique. He has proved over a period of years that he is honest, straightforward and direct. Illinois has unfortunately become a state known for corrupt, convicted politicians. This is a distinction that we really do not need.

While he has no competition in the primary, it would really be good if we gave him a strong vote. It sends a message to Illinois that we approve of his hard work.

Fred DePasquale, Esq.

Administrative Law Judge

State of Illinois



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