Greed fuels pension problem

Posted2/3/2012 6:00 AM

Of corse Gov. Pat Quinn is tardy to pension debate. His annual pension will be in the area of $300,000. Why would he do anything to undermine that? State Rep. David Harris says we need fair and equitable pension reform. He is whistling in the wind. What's fair about a Cook County doctor getting $500,000 per year or college professors getting over $300,000 or school superintendents getting $250,000 or fire and police chiefs getting $150,000 and teachers getting $100,000 per year.

Fair is no one gets a state-paid pension over $50,000. The only way to get to that point is for the state to go bankrupt. None of these greedy pension recipients will allow their pensions to be impaired as they control Illinois government and courts. Judges are probably in the $125,000 area. I don't see them reducing their benefits.

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Rep. Harris summed it up, the pension payment crowds out funds for vital services, and the problem only gets much worse in the years ahead. The problem will never be solved unless the greedy take serious hits to their pensions.

Gerald K. Thomas

Arlington Heights

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