Saying something nice about teachers

Posted1/24/2012 5:00 AM

So a friend of mine asked me to say something nice about teachers. Sure. I love teachers! Teachers, especially locally in District 220, are dedicated, loyal, and proud of the great work they do. And we here are all blessed to have them.

The main controversy today about teachers is their pensions. Well, they negotiated in good faith and signed contracts which spelled out in detail what they would earn and be rewarded with if they taught long enough and became vested. End of story.

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Except for politicians. If there is a pot of money anywhere that a politician can get his hands on and do "good" with, or balance the budget with, well, kiss it goodbye. Such politicians belong in jail. And the budget should not be balanced on the backs of teachers, period.

Looking to the future it is fair to compare all public worker pensions to those in private industry. See what they offer and compete for employees as required. However, if a teacher is now retired, they are due and owed every penny they were promised. Future pensions are open to negotiation, but touch already-retired teacher pensions, and go directly to jail!

Bill Hartman


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