Sanitary sewer rehab project begins in October

City of Naperville
Posted9/30/2011 3:43 PM

The City of Naperville Department of Public Utilities-Water (DPU-W) will begin work in mid-October on a sanitary sewer and manhole rehabilitation project. This project will take place along Raymond Drive from McDowell Road south to Redfield Road and last through the end of November.

The sewer being rehabilitated is important to help transfer wastewater from the City of Warrenville and the northwest portion of Naperville to a large wastewater pumping station located at River Road. The City's contractor on the project, Insituform Technologies USA, will utilize an innovative trenchless technology consisting of cured-in-place thermosetting resin pipe that is installed inside the existing sewer pipe. The process creates a structurally sound and flexible pipe that adds another 50 to 100 years of life to a sanitary sewer system.

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The use of cost-effective trenchless technology has many advantages over conventional dig-and-replace methods. These include eliminating tree loss, preventing the disturbance of nearby landscaping and avoiding long-term traffic inconveniences.

Residents and businesses along Raymond Drive, Queensgreen Circle, McDowell Road and Redfield Road as well as in the Chantecleer Lakes Condominiums and Trinity Church of the Nazarene areas may experience some temporary inconveniences during the project, including contractor equipment parking and occasional 24-hour noise from installation and pumping equipment operation. Minor traffic control interruptions may take place; however, no detours will be necessary. Road ramps for sewer pumping work will be used across Redfield Road and Queensgreen Circle and in the Trinity Church of the Nazarene and Chantecleer Lakes Condominiums area.

Any damage that may occur to the construction site or adjacent grounds will be repaired and restored to pre-construction conditions. To ensure this, Insituform and DPU-W will videotape all above-ground structures. City representatives may require access to your private property, and they will ask permission before entering.

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