Proof that firefighters should be employees

Posted9/26/2011 4:00 AM

On Wednesday, September 14th, I received a call at work advising me that our house was on fire. This is not something that I had ever envisioned that I would experience in my lifetime, nor was I prepared for the outcome.

Being that this event took place just days after the anniversary of 9/11, it made me realize how much we take our police and fire department employees for granted. Thanks to these dedicated individuals (and our wonderful neighbors), our home is still standing and our two beloved dogs are still there to greet us when we come home.


Had they arrived minutes later or they had not been able to confine the fire to our garage, the outcome of this incident would have been painfully different.

If the subject of outsourcing our Rolling Meadows Fire Department ever arises again, please support our firefighters. You may need them some day when you least expect it, and a matter of minutes or the lack of skills can make the difference between disaster and just some temporary inconvenience.

Bob and Denise Harvey

Rolling Meadows