Trust at stake in Rt. 45 vote

Posted9/23/2011 4:00 AM

Politicians wonder why the public doesn't trust them. The debate over the construction of a new route for Rt. 45 is a great example of why.

There were many meetings held to get public input on which route should be chosen, east or west of the current Rt. 45. There was overwhelming public support for the east route which is the least invasive to current subdivisions, a school and the forest preserve. So, what option does the LCDOT choose to recommend? The west option, designed to go through McDonald Woods Forest Preserve, directly through Forest Trail subdivision and, along the Heritage Trails subdivision bringing it closer to Millburn West School (where my children go to school).

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I am begging the members of the Lake County Board to listen to the people you represent and vote for the eastern route. Show the public that you are not the worst of politicians and start to restore some of public's faith in the political process.

Valerie Powley