Rt. 45 should move east, not west

Posted9/14/2011 5:00 AM

I am writing this letter to state my utter disappointment in the LCDOT's decision to move IL Rt. 45 west of its current location at Grass Lake Road. Based solely on the issue of safety, moving Rt. 45 east would be the best option. The fact that there are several large subdivisions where the current plans take Rt. 45 clearly does not have the population's best interest at heart and will affect property values in a poor economy even further. Additionally, there have been some proven inaccuracies with their study and presentation to the public that have been addressed directly to them. However, we are relying on the power of the press to help us raise the awareness of this incomprehensible decision. Looking at resident feedback, it is very clear that moving Rt. 45 east would be the best option and the popular one. Not only for property values, but also the fact that less residents will be affected by the move east.

Kevin Tuley

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