Revisit decision on Rt. 45 bypass

Posted9/9/2011 5:00 AM

Happy Lake County Property Tax Day, everybody.

Just like all the rest of my Lake County neighbors, I brought all of my personal accounts down to critical levels and paid my property taxes today.

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Reviewing where the money was going on the bill, I noticed the first two items were Lake County and Lake County pensions (who gets pensions anymore?). Ah, the Lake County Board, who the residents put in place to make decisions for the betterment of Lake County, will receive another year of compensation.

I returned home from the bank to my prized golden retriever who was all too excited to go for a walk on such a beautiful day. With collar on, we strolled down the street to McDonald Woods.

Thoughts of how the board decided on and voted for brazing through pristine forest preserve (forest preserve that we voted for and pay for) and ramming a four-lane highway through my subdivision is a great idea, came to mind.

Even though greater than 70 percent of us Lake County residents polled, people who paid their taxes today to ensure the board's compensation and their pensions (Pensions? What's up with that?) think a western bypass of Rt. 45 is wrong for Lake County.


Lake County Board, listen to the people who put you in your position and compensate you for your service. Revisit the Rt. 45 bypass and do the right thing.

Pink slips may be in the mail.

Signed, your employer.

Kathy Keating