Sears murder case cold after 10 years

Posted7/15/2011 3:00 AM

Is there anyone who noticed that June was a milestone in the cold case file of the coldblooded murder of Hampshire Police Officer Greg Sears? That case is now a decade old.

Officer Sears was murdered on duty and there is no progress in holding anyone accountable. As I have said before, there were so many scenarios as to who had done this. Only one person was charged, and after a lengthy trial, that person was found not guilty in a less that two-hour deliberation. The department investigator has since become chief of police.

The police chief at the time of the murder, who was best man at Sears' wedding, has retired. He has stated his biggest disappointment during his time of office was they K-9 program, which he blamed on his choice of officer. I guess that is significant compared to an unsolved murder on his watch.

With the then-chief investigator becoming chief of police, I'm sure the investigation will be ongoing. Then again, I could be wrong. What's done is done. Greg Sears deserves better.

Neil Hart

Retired Hampshire police officer

Marion, Wis.