Police say 911 tape reveals details of Elgin burglary

  • Salvador Sarabia

    Salvador Sarabia

  • Fidel Romero

    Fidel Romero


A terrified 13-year-old girl hiding in her basement whispered calls of help to a 911 dispatcher while two men broke into and burglarized her home, police said.

Elgin police on Friday released a 911 tape of the teenager -- keeping her voice low -- telling authorities that two people were upstairs. The girl, clutching her dog, hides behind a basement bar, and anxiously waits for police to arrive.

"Please help me," she says. "Hurry up."

Fidel Romero, 27, of Rockford, and Salvador Sarabia, 28, of Elgin were charged in connection with the residential burglary, which took place about 9:45 a.m. Monday on the 100 block of Neutrenton Avenue, authorities said.

Police say the men broke glass on the front door of the home, made their way inside, and left with a flat-screen TV and other items. One of the men surrendered to police immediately, but the other was captured after a short foot chase.

The dispatcher stays on the line with the teen until police come to get her downstairs. She tells the girl to "sit tight" -- police will reach her after they apprehend both suspects.

"I got lots and lots of officers outside your house. Everything's going to be OK," the dispatcher said. "You just stay hidden."

Both suspects appeared in bond court Wednesday. Romero's bail was set at $75,000 and Sarabia's bail at $100,000. Sarabia also has an immigration hold and will remain in custody, prosecutors said.

They are due in court again July 21.


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