No term limits for Dist. 211 officers

Updated 5/27/2011 5:35 AM

Term limits will not be imposed upon Township High School District 211 officers, despite the support of two board of education members Thursday.

Board member Anna Klimkowicz expressed her concern that she has not been able to become an officer, nor has she received any reason why except that she doesn't have enough votes to hold an officer position from those on the board.

Her request for a two-year term limit as officer was denied, with only the support of board member Mucia Burke, who said that the lack of term limit is unusual, noting her search of 15 other school districts that have one- or two-year limits in place.

District 211 Board Vice President George Brandt said his concern would be that a person who is best for the job would be kicked out of a position because of the requirement, noting that he prefers to put the "best" people in the position instead of being forced to add someone. Klimkowicz said she thinks all board members are qualified for the officer positions as elected officials.

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