Elgin Township could take over garbage contract negotiations

Updated 2/24/2011 1:47 PM

There are several different garbage contractors picking up waste from unincorporated Elgin Township homes. That means multiple "garbage days" and many more truck trips than necessary.

The extra wear and tear on the road is the main reason Elgin Township has decided to ask voters via a referendum whether it should take over the job of negotiating a refuse collection contract with a single company.

The approximately 1,400 households currently contract their own services.

Township Supervisor Annette Miller said the hope would be to get a lower price for residents and also save on maintenance costs for the roads with fewer big trucks driving along them on a regular basis.

The referendum question will give the township the opportunity to solicit bids, but wouldn't require follow-through.

"If we don't feel that that's a better deal for the residents, we're not bound to anything," Miller said.

Naperville Township approved a similar proposition in a referendum last year and is now negotiating its contracts.

If the proposition passes and Elgin Township negotiates a better deal for residents, the actual billing will come from the contractor. Miller said the township wouldn't charge a service fee because there would be no expense after the time involved in the initial bid process.

"It would just be one collector instead of many," Miller said. "And it would be down to just one day instead of all week."

Residents in unincorporated Elgin Township will have the opportunity to vote in the referendum April 5.