Homeless face stiffer challengers than traffic during blizzard

Updated 2/3/2011 11:02 AM

While commuters worried about traffic during blizzard conditions Tuesday and Wednesday, and we wondered how many events were canceled due to the weather, Beth Nabors at Palatine's PADS to HOPE had other concerns.

The homeless shelter prepped to extend its hours during the snowstorm as people off the street were set to stream into PADS' 19 area shelters. Nabors has worked at PADS for 11 years and said her staff is ready to deal with increased demand due to weather.


Normally 20 to 45 clients would come into the day shelter, but as the storm approached Monday those numbers soared to 65 to 70 clients. PADS helps the homeless and those who are close to lose their homes all across the Northwest Suburbs.

The shelter relies on word-of-mouth, including from churches, who help alert the homeless about closures.

Church donations help fund PADS, but others interested in contributing during these winter months would help the shelter the most by coming into PADS at 1140 E. Northwest Highway in Palatine. The organization can be contacted at (847) 963-9163.