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posted: 1/23/2011 1:00 AM

Time to recall Gov. Quinn

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I commend the Daily Herald for the recent assessments of what's going on in Illinois and America.

If I could add my voice, I would say: Number one, we just voted to have a legal process to recall public office holders (governor). I believe we should immediately recall Mr. Quinn for two reasons. First, he publicly and repeatedly lied about the tax increase. Those who elected him by a few votes must be really ticked off as are the rest of us. Second, he put a tax on Illinois that will further cripple our state's citizens and made sure it is a permanent thing.

There is one way to fix the finances of Illinois or America. Reduce the expenditures, therefore the employee count and the rate each costs the taxpayers. Government is a business of the people to provide some collective services. Businesses must run on a responsible budget. A "wished life" of the wealthy, provided by the government, is an unrealistic dream. Of course, it doesn't matter to those who don't pay for it. That includes the rich, the poor and the illegal.

I just "got retired" by a greedy employer. So, I have some time and I will volunteer for any committee or position to help with these finance problems. Volunteer means free. I have 50 years of experience in transportation, real estate, construction and security. Everyone who voted for this should be recalled or removed at the next election.

Bill Brown