Learn the facts about Berrios

Updated 10/28/2010 11:03 AM

Before you vote for a candidate for Cook County assessor, please consider these facts.

Joseph Berrios is chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party.

He is also commissioner of the property assessment Board of Review. In this capacity, he hears appeals for reassessment on commercial properties argued by prominent attorneys (including speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan) while collecting campaign funds from them.

He also finds time to act as lobbyist for the video gambling interests and was a driving force in the rapid and secretive passage of the $31 billion "Back to Work Illinois" legislation passed last year. It not only legalized the placement of video gambling terminals in every bar, restaurant, club and truck stop in the state, but also substantially increased your driving and auto licensing fees and beverage alcohol taxes. A year later, it has produced few promised jobs and projects, but you have paid millions in fees and taxes.

This legislation was signed by Gov. Pat ("I will not expand gambling.") Quinn. If not for 70-plus stalwart local governments that rejected placement of these devices in our communities, and delays required by the Illinois Gaming Board to write regulations governing their implementation, Illinois would now have the most available gambling positions in the United States.

Mr. Aaron Jaffe, chairman of the IGB, has expressed his opinion that it would be "almost impossible" to keep crime out of video poker given the number of locations and licenses.

Mr. Berrios has also been active through the Board of Review in delaying the distribution of your second installment property tax bills beyond Election Day.

Mr. Berrios is a typical self-serving politician. I don't want him assessing my property, and you probably feel the same way.

Bill Toussaint

Arlington Heights