Congress, 9th District: Pollak

Updated 10/28/2010 6:39 PM

Democrat Jan Schakowsky of Evanston has represented the 9th Congressional District, which includes part of Des Plaines, for 12 years. For the first time in our memory, she faces a challenge from a well-educated and well-versed opponent in Republican Joel Pollak of Skokie. A Harvard-educated legal researcher raised in the district, Pollak vows to focus on trimming federal fat and spurring small business. Schakowsky points with pride to constituent service and her championing of health-care reform. She long has been one of the most liberal House members who promotes her party's line. With few alternatives, we have endorsed Schakowsky in the past, but Pollak offers a fresh change. He is endorsed. Green Party candidate Simon Ribeiro of Evanston also is running.