Cubs should make manager call today

Updated 10/13/2010 7:07 PM
  • Under Mike Quade the Cubs finished the final 37 games with a 24-13 record, which drew praise from owner Tom Ricketts.

    Under Mike Quade the Cubs finished the final 37 games with a 24-13 record, which drew praise from owner Tom Ricketts. Associated Press

It's been apparent for about a month that Mike Quade has been the Cubs' top choice for manager, with Ryne Sandberg second.

We've also heard for weeks that the Cubs wanted to make a decision by about the middle of October, and there's a break in the baseball schedule now with no LCS games until Friday night.

MLB doesn't like these announcements distracting from postseason games, so if indeed it's that simple, the Cubs ought to just make the call and get it done immediately.

There's still the chance that owner Tom Ricketts could overrule GM Jim Hendry and install Sandberg, but that hasn't been Ricketts' style thus far, and it would be a surprise to see him take over the decision.

If that's the case, however, it could hold up the process while they disagree over the selection.

Or, there's the possibility Eric Wedge or Bob Melvin could floor someone in an interview, but that seems unlikely.

Besides, there were already 10 things pointing to Quade even before Ricketts went out of his way to praise Quade in a letter to season ticket holders last week.

"We also have to recognize the superb job done by another one of our own Mike Quade,'' Ricketts stated. "During the final 37 games, the team played at a .649 clip (24-13), the second best record in the majors over that timeframe. Making this even more significant, we played largely against teams fighting for playoff berths.''

The men who don't finish first in this derby need to get on with looking for employment, and the Cubs need to put together a staff.

So the sooner they get this done, the better for everyone involved, and there seems no reason not to make an announcement Thursday or Friday.

It makes all the sense in the world.

Keeping the faith

While it's difficult to be optimistic the Cubs can dump any of their overpriced veterans, it's worth noting that under ridiculous circumstances, GM Jim Hendry did move Milton Bradley and acquired Carlos Silva last winter.

Hendry also once engineered the Todd Hundley trade, so there's hope he might be able to deal some big-money contracts and begin rebuilding.

Aramis Ramirez is a familiar topic, but he has 10-and-5 rights and an option for 2012 worth $16 million that vests if he's traded.

Alfonso Soriano is not movable, but Carlos Zambrano and Kosuke Fukudome might waive their no-trades for the right city and Zambrano in particular has value at the moment.

Line offensive

You have to love Mike Tice, moving on to his fourth line combination of the season in the sixth game, and apparently switching Chris Williams to left guard.

That's not to say it'll work, but Tice has seen what doesn't, and unlike the Bears of the last six years, when something's broke, Tice tries to fix it.

Bull stuff

It makes total sense for the Bulls to deny they're investigating the circumstances surrounding the Carlos Boozer injury.

Maybe they are and maybe they're not, but why admit it publicly and anger a player you just handed $80 million?

The reality is the Bulls need Boozer and they probably wouldn't do anything about it anyway even if they found out his story didn't add up.

Class move

Recovering alcoholic Josh Hamilton wasn't planning to celebrate with his teammates Tuesday, and figured to miss the party just as he did when the Rangers showered the locker room with champagne after clinching the A.L. West.

But after beating the Rays, the Rangers dragged Hamilton into the clubhouse, where they were spraying each other with ginger ale.

Said Hamilton, "For them to adapt it for me to be a part of it says a lot about my teammates.''

The good guys

The Wolves open their home schedule Saturday at the Allstate Arena, complete with tailgate party and Adopt-a-Dog night. For more info, visit

The quote

Chris Chelios on living with Sean Avery, when they played together during the lockout: "It took me two weeks to kick him out of my house. He could be the greatest guy and then all of a sudden the other guy switches in and you want to kill him.''

Forward pass

CBS' Craig Ferguson: "Brett Favre has an elbow injury. The worst part is it's his texting elbow.''

Best headline "Cliff Lee wins playoff game for whatever team it is he plays for now.''

And finally…

Miami Herald's Greg Cote: "After listener complaints, the Buffalo Bills canceled a radio ad by an infidelity website whose motto is, 'Life Is Short, Have An Affair.' I've seen the Bills play. Their motto should be, 'Life Is Short, Find A Decent Quarterback' ''