Brady not right for Illinois


Candidate Bill Brady, a 17-year Springfield politician and nonunion employer, claims that he will cut the state budget by 10 percent. While this may appeal to some, we need to understand the implications.

If Brady has his way, some estimate that several hundred thousand seniors will lose home heating assistance. Thousands of teachers will lose their jobs. Children will lose access to early childhood and special education programs. Those with developmental disabilities will lose all nonmedical programs.

Sen. Brady's reckless approach will not even solve our financial problems. We cannot cut our way out of this. I work with many senior citizens. Most rely on state assistance programs. Millionaire Brady must think it is fine that our senior citizens do without the services they rely on daily. Then again, this is the same man who thinks we need to lower the minimum wage.

Gov. Pat Quinn understands and appreciates the needs of our senior citizens and children. He has fought hard to fund vital services. As a human service clinical counselor and longtime community organizer, I simply cannot support the insensitive and irresponsible ideals of Bill Brady.

Peggy Hicks