Bees attack group of Round Lake High School cross country runners

Updated 2/8/2011 11:41 AM

Ten Round Lake High School cross country runners experienced a "freak" accident when they disrupted a bee hive and were attacked by bees.

The incident occurred Tuesday when the team was training at Hart's Hill in Round Lake.


The students were running up and down the hill when they ran across a bee hive believed to be in the ground, said John Whitten, deputy fire chief with the Greater Round Lake Area Fire Protection District. Several students were stung several times.

A total of 10 students were stung by the bees in the accident, Whitten said. Three ambulances were sent to the hill. The students were treated with ice packs and were fine, Whitten said.

"It was really pretty minor," he said. "Ten students were stung and the others ran fast enough to get away from the bees."

He added that park district officials investigated the scene and did not find large underground bee hives or anything of significance to worry about.