Limiting government is the only solution

Posted5/11/2010 12:01 AM

As a 50-plus year resident of Barrington Hills, I am forced to respectfully disagree with our current Mayor. (April 20 Fence Post) and small businessman. The health care bill is socialistic and probably unconstitutional.

There have been and are communists, Maoists and other radicals working in and for the current occupant of the White House. Health care will cost lots more than the government projects - like Medicare, Social Security, the U.S. Mail and anything else the government runs. What do you call government takeover and ownership of the auto business and financial institutions? Democracy?


If the stimulus is creating jobs, why is unemployment close to 10 percent? Actually 11.3 percent in the Chicago area in February.

If the government gets out of the way, really lowers taxes, allows drilling, dumps cap and tax, drops carbon footprints, gets rid of illegal's, and quits printing money, we will be fine. I might point out NASA satellites, roads and GPS satellites are paid for with my tax money.

So are the police, firemen, schools, teachers, Medicare, Social Security, the military, local government, state government and the Federal Government. You, Mr. Mayor, work for me as do all of the aforementioned and you and the state and Federal government do no currently represent my interests.

This country was built on entrepreneurial private enterprise following the Constitution with limited Government - not your vision! I do not blog, squeeze bullhorn triggers and I am not anonymous. I care about the Republic served by limited government and that does not seem to fit your model.

James A. Wagner

Barrington Hills