Join Barrington Hills in Earth Day events

Posted4/26/2010 12:01 AM

Earth Day 2010 initiative in Barrington Hills: the Beautification Committee is going paperless!

President Abboud led the way for consuming less product, creating less garbage and reducing the carbon footprint of the Barrington Hills village government by determining the entire board and staff should become paperless.


He invited residents, via a letter mailed with the annual Vehicle Sticker Notice, to participate in the village May 1 Roadside Trash Pick Up event, to be vigilant of all kinds of garbage on their property and to be mindful of elderly and infirm neighbors who may need assistance.

As Village Beautification Committee chair, in honor of Earth Day 2010, I have requested the same challenge of Board members Dan Cantalupo, Anne Horwath, Jan Shepard, Bill & Carolyn Springer, Elizabeth Bramsen and Lorraine Briggs.

Using the same mailing, this Committee asked all neighbors to join the pre-event tailgate in the upper parking lot of Village Hall at 8:30 a.m. where they will receive safety information from our Police Liaison Officer, get safety vests, garbage bags and team and road assignments for the two hour stint.

For more details on the event, call (847) 551-3000 or It is imperative that attendees be ages 12+, bring gloves and wear weather-appropriate clothing and shoewear.

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Reducing consumption of products, reducing garbage, disposables, roadside trash and waste in every industry is a necessity if the population of Earth's future is going to have better health. Science is proving that our chemicals, industry processes, wastes and general corruption of nature is ruining our food sources and food chains at an alarming rate.

Won't YOU help, this Earth Day and Month, by challenging your friends and families to find ways they too can cut down on or eliminate over use of unnecessary man-made products!

P. Denise Israel

Barrington Hills