Some U-46 schools see culture destroyed by layoffs

  • School nurse Cindy Maloney talks about being let go by the school district she loves. Maloney is one of over 1,000 U-46 staffers that will lose their jobs at the end of this school year.

      School nurse Cindy Maloney talks about being let go by the school district she loves. Maloney is one of over 1,000 U-46 staffers that will lose their jobs at the end of this school year. Brian Hill | Staff Photographer

Posted3/17/2010 12:01 AM

Each one of the 53 schools in Elgin Area School District U-46 has its own culture, its own reputation, its own personality.

Take Elgin High - one of the state's oldest high schools, steeped in more than 130 years of tradition.


Bartlett's Nature Ridge Elementary has parents who regularly turn out in force at board meetings, asking district officials to fix overcrowding at the school.

Tefft Middle School in Streamwood has become renowned for its innovative strategies in ramping up test scores - having students chart their own grades and host their own parent-teacher conferences.

Each school is dealing differently with reverberations of massive budget cuts.

Predicting a $44 million deficit next year if state funding is cut, the U-46 school board Monday night approved 1,037 layoffs, 732 of them teachers.

Teaching layoffs were done through what the district calls a targeted reduction in force or RIF - determining how many positions it will need in certain departments, and then cutting by seniority.

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That means some schools' departments will be wiped out entirely and replaced next year by a more tenured staff from other campuses.

Streamwood High School Principal Terri Lozier passed out 62 pink slips Tuesday morning. On top of that, another 37 teachers may be reassigned to other buildings, she said.

"You're trying to build programs and we're working very hard at trying to change our instructional practices," Lozier said. "When you have this many teachers without a job or being RIFed, it makes you feel like your work has been in vain. Even for the remaining staff it's hard."

Elgin High School will lose 53 staff members next year, Principal Dave Smiley confirmed.

"We've brought a lot of people in," Smiley said of his nine years at the school. "You build a culture."

The high school will lose roughly 20 coaches. The bilingual program, only in its second year at the school, will see a majority of its faculty leave. The band, which has doubled its participation over the past three years, will take a "huge hit" with the loss of director Jonathan Bogue, Smiley said.


"All of us have had a chance to have teachers that have inspired them to be so much better, do so much more," Elgin High junior Kathy McCain told the school board Monday. "A lot of that will be gone next year."

Of the district's 40 elementary schools, Nature Ridge had one of the highest numbers of employees pink-slipped. The school will lose 18 teachers, along with several secretaries and support staff members. Principal's secretary Linda Binder, among those let go, said employees are just shellshocked.

"It's like, 'Did this really just happen?'" she said. "It hasn't quite hit parents yet."

Kenyon Woods Middle School in South Elgin is set to lose 17 teachers, among them five science teachers, three gym teachers, a middle school counselor and two English teachers.

Principal Kevin Skinkis termed Bartlett High School "ground zero."

He'll lose 51 employees - including 22 coaches, six gym and drivers' education teachers, and seven members of his English department.

"I didn't think that they would go that deep. It has left a big void," school nurse Cindy Maloney said. "I'm upset. I love my job. I'm afraid of what may happen in the future for the kids."

The district is laying off more people than necessary to pad itself against state cuts. If funding improves, the district plans to bring back some of the laid-off staff.

Next year, art, music and gym will be limited to 30-minute classes for elementary school students, and eliminated entirely for half-day kindergartners. At the eight middle schools, guidance counselors will be eliminated, and the number of library hours will be cut, along with the football program.

The cuts will result in significant increases in schools' teacher-to-student ratios. Classes are currently staffed at 28:1 for kindergarten through third grades, 33:1 for fourth through sixth grades, and 30:1 at the high schools.

"Every one of the teachers we've (cut) are people I've hired," said Skinkis, in his third year at Bartlett High. "These are people that started this journey with me. And invested time and efforts. I've made it a point that I'm going to rebuild this place. But it hurts. ... I'd be lying to you if I'd say I'm going to be sleeping well."

• Daily Herald staff photographer Brian Hill contributed to this report.

The teachers

Editor's note: We chose to run the list of hundreds teachers laid off this week by Elgin Area School District U-46, not to embarrass anyone but to let parents and students know which of their favorite teachers may not be back next year.

Here is an unofficial list of 727 of the 732 names, provided by the district:

Abdic, Mersiha

Abenia, Maria

Abney, Jaimie L

Aburto, Martin E.

Adams, Julia

Adkins, Kimberly M

Ainsworth, Sara Jane

Albavera, Graciela

Alimi, John N

Allaway, Julie Anne

Allen, Christine J

Alonzo, Jose

Alonzo, Osbaldo

Alvarado, Elspeth J

Amato, Polixeni

Amelio, Bridget A

Anderson, Jennie Lynn

Andino-Lebron, Maribel

Andoni, Mary

Andrade, Alicia H

Antoshin, Mikhail

Arndt, Kelly C

Arnett, Victoria J

Aronica, Laure A

Arreguin, Mayte Imelda

Arreola, Rodolfo

Arroyo Reyes, Sundra Aixa

Atwell, Stephanie K

August, Amy

Badman, Kelly A

Baer, James S

Bailey, Katie Ann

Baillie, Kathryn Evelyn

Baird, Nicholas

Balcer, Rachel M

Ballantyne, Colleen

Balzer, Meagen Maureen

Banaszak, Charron

Bannister, Jacqueline

Barnett, Kelly A

Barrio, Gerardo F

Barsotti, Daniel A

Bartlett, Kathleen M

Bartolo, Mario G.

Bartz, Russell

Basak, Jinene V

Bauer, Brittney A

Bayer, Kristin A

Becker, Jaime Michelle

Bennett, Tammy L

Berrio, Carmen

Berry, Kimberly

Bertram, Holly A

Betancourt, Juan Carlos

Bhatia, Parul

Bialas, Stephanie

Bieschke, Thomas A

Biesterfeld, Dana

Bird, Sarah J.

Black, Abby M

Blaho, Rebecca A

Bobby, Jaime S

Boden, Christopher M

Bogue, Jonathan T

Boland, Jeanette M

Bolton, Gerald

Borchardt, Eric J

Borden, Sarah M

Borrero Franky, Maria Alejandra

Boston, Jean E.

Bourgoin, Denise I

Bragg, Sheryl

Braico, Heather M

Brannon, Carrie L

Brechtel, Eric S.

Bremer, Thomas

Bristow, Sarah Jane

Brojek, Katherine A.

Brooke, Andrea

Brown, Judith Anne

Brown, Ericka E

Bruhn, Adam

Buchs, Maria de Lourdes P.

Bugner, Pamela Kumor

Bullion, Roy

Bumbles, Nicholas

Burkard, Helen

Burke, Susan M.

Burnell, Lisa A.

Bush, Markisha B

Capuani, Annette

Carbonado, Ryan A

Cárdenas, Juana M

Cárdenas, Lisa E

Cardona, Lirio

Cartwright, Ryan

Casey, Tanya M

Cedeno, Alfred L

Cella, Heather

Cerami, Lisa Nicole

Cernuda, Leandro

Cesaroni, Phillip A

Chavez, Oscar M

Chavez, Tycora Mishon Joy

Chinn, B. Rene

Chest, Patrick

Chrisoms, Amanda

Cieslak, Nicole

Citron, Sandra J

Claassen, Brionne L

Clausen, Eric J

Claypool, Joan M

Coeto Romo, Regina D

Coffey, Tiffany T

Collazo, Stella M.

Colley, Julie Ann

Collier, Marilyn D

Collingbourne, Lacey L

Compeer, Audrey M.

Consiglio, Giuseppina

Conway, Katherine J

Cook, Nicole Marie

Cook, Richard F

Corapi, Jillian Leigh

Cortina, Timothy D

Cordova-Rajoo, Angelica Virginia

Correa, Ana Maria

Cortes, Betsie

Cossiboon, Sarah M

Costa-Garcia, Elena

Cots, Ana Maria

Coughlin, William P.

Covarrubias, Dustin B

Creed, Bryan Andrew

Cress, Sarah N

Crittenden, Kelli M

Cruz, Laura M

Cummins, Calvin K

Cummins, Thomas J.

D'Alessandro, Cindy

Dahlman, Chad

Daniel, Timothy S

Davis, Karen

Davis, Matthew L.

De Leon Ovalle, Luis Fernando

Dean, Katie B

DeLand, Stephanie A.

DelFava, Amanda

Delk, Lorilyn P

Dellis, Jennifer K

DeRicco, Mary Ellen

Derybowski, Victoria

Di Fatta, Jennifer M.

Diaz Jr., Javier W

Diaz-Blanco, Paula

Dicker, Kendra M

Diedrick, Gretchen

Dietiker, Kristin M

Dirienzo, Lisa M.

Djurcic, Rocio

Doherty, Patricia

Dollahan, Mariana Graciela

Dominguez, Ofelia

Doroba, Katie L.

Doyle, Cassie

Doyle, Catherine C

Dubbert, Rebecca

Duncan, Keith

Eadler, Justin

Edwards, Kim

Ehrlich, Michelle

Eklund, Matthew R

El Helo, Melissa S.

Elizalde, Nelly F

Ellingsen, Christopher

Elliott, David C

Embury, Kristin A

Engel, Lisa R

Enison, Daryll L

Epstein, Emily

Erbach, Matthew J

Erickson, Ben

Erickson, Mary Beth

Escudero, Iris

Esdorn, Mary

Esterino, Matthew G.

Fabris, Jennifer

Fantauzzi, Michelle Nicole

Factor Daly, Lilly Rose

Felicetti, Rebecca C.

Ferrera-Rojano, Irene

Figueroa, Evelyn

Figueroa, Juan A

Fischer, Laura K

Fisher, Jason

Fishkin, Olga Borisovna

Flores, Ruben

Foote, Kimberly D

Ford, Jennifer S

Formanek, Colleen E

Fortmann, Susan K.

Fortney, Jill Cajun

Fortune, Angela

Foster, Keith Michael

Frandsen, Sara L.

Frasch, Rachel

Freely, Stephanie

Gach, Sarah

Gacia, Katarzyna Diana

Gaitan Bustos, Andrea

Gambill, Ashley E

Garcia, Maria del Pilar

Garcia, Tosha S

Garden, Melissa Erin

Geanconteri, Aliza D

Gehrig, Matthew

Gentleman, Kelly K

Giczkowski, Marilena

Gilbert, Carolyn

Gilchrist, Alison R

Gleason, Rachelle D

Glenn, Dawn J

Godke, Catherine M

Goebel, Justin G.

Gohl, Marjorie J.

Gomez, Karem

Gonzales, Kristine D

Gonzalez, Liliana T.

Gonzalez, Artemisa

Gonzalez, Elliot

Gorgeous, Erin M

Gorman, Erin M

Gorski, Alicia C

Graff, Audrey J

Grashorn, Ellen

Griffith, Catherine

Groholski, Thomas J

Guerino, Gregory Michael

Guerrero, Mayrena C.

Guilbeau, Sara E.

Haas, Kimberly A.

Haeger, Jennifer L.

Hagood Cook, Joanna R

Hain, David

Haley, Jennifer Lynn

Halpin, Marie

Hammer, Danielle M.

Hammer, Randall W.

Handley, Jeffrey J

Hannick, Ann

Harris, Melissa

Hartley, Melissa S.

Harty, Diane P

Hatch, Meredith Ann

Hawkins, James

Hawley, Beth L

Hawley, Jesse M

Hayward, Jennifer

Heatley, Heather T

Heider, Kelly

Heider, Tamara

Heilbronner, David Ross

Heimberg, Lindsey M

Heinrich, Kristi

Heintz, Jillian

Helmigk, Kristin M

Hem, Alissa R

Henderson, Shannon K

Hennessey, Brittany K

Henry, Tess E

Henry, Timothy

Herceg, Margaret A

Hernandez-Rico, Raul

Hernandez-Torres, Jenniffer Marie

Hernandez, Carmen Y

Hernandez, Hector Julian

Herrera Graf, Mercedes

Hester, Alisia

Higby, Tanya

Hilbert, Cheryl Z

Hopkinson, Jamie

Holden, Erin K.

Holmes, Andrew

Holtorf, Michelle R

Holysz, Allison

Holzer, Katharine A.

Holzwarth, Jason

Hopkins, Teresa A

Howat, Kristin R

Howe, Matthew

Hsu, Sidney Yu-Hsing

Huber, Donald J.

Huber, Julie A.

Huichapa, Gladis

Humanski, Antoinette

Hummel, David

Hummel, Nicole K.

Hunter, Cary A.

Hurley, Shannon M

Hutson, Mark R

Inguanzo Ojeda, Montserrat

Irizarry, Jacqueline

Irizarry, Moses

Ivancic, Raymond E

Jacobson, Ellen L

Jimenez, Lucy

Johnson, Brett

Johnson, Linda M

Johnson, Stephanie M

Johnson, Toni R.

Jones, Tomeika

Jordt, Mary Ellen

Juarez Vazquez, Roberto

Judd, Patricia Ann

Juliano, James R

Kaatz, Susan

Kallaus, Stephen M

Kalush, Nancy E

Kaminski, Kim Marie

Karnatz, Billie H

Karner, Patricia L

Karp, Katherine A

Kattezham, Maryann

Keating, Patrick

Keenon, Michelle L

Kellenberger, Carlene

Kellett, Katherine

Keltner, Rebecca L

Kendzora, Michael

Keszycki, Sandra

Khan, Samia

Kielbasa, Donna

Kim, Kyung Won

Kinast, Michelle

King, Tracy L

Kitowski, Steven G

Klein, Nancy Blodgett

Klein, Sarah M.

Klemic, Virginia E

Kling, Robert

Klint, Sherrie

Kocsis, Mary

Kolak, Erin L

Komlanc, Cheryl M

Korenstra, Jenna Lynne

Kornick, Helen Nila

Kostecki, Patricia

Kowalyszyn, Paul

Kramer, Eric M

Kramer, Sara J

Kraszewski, Erik A

Kristofer, Jon N.

Kroeger, Emily E

Krok, Larissa M

Krumtinger, Kristin Marie

Kruse, Margaret M.

Kubek, Meghan A

Kubiuk, Mark A

Kudalis, Ann M

Kyle, Erika

Kyznar, Amber N

Landberg, Claire E

Laser, Kristen

Larson, Kelly

LaRue, Anthony E

LaScala, Andrew D

LaSota, Ryan

Lee, Amy E

Legan, Tracy

Leone, Rachel Lynn

Leras, Nicholas

Lesson, Mary

Lewis, Anastasia M

Liner, Kimberley H

Lobo, Jeffrey Robert

Lohman, Rosario

Long, Kathryn Ellen

Loomer, Kiah G

Lopez Perez, Ruben

Lopez, Ana Lucia

Lopez, Erin M

Lopez, Gloria

Lopez, Gwen

Lopez, Neal J

Lorenz, Russ

Lorsch, Jennifer E

Losurdo, Jennifer N

Lubas, Lauren E

Ludwig, Lance C.

Luft, Kendra L

Lyczak, Nichole Anne

Lyon, April K

Macke, Marnie Ayers

Madaffari, Donna J.

Maga, Katheryn

Malak, Bethany

Maldonado, Elisa O

Malone, Kimberly S

Maloney, Cynthia

Mangier, Kari L

Mansaku, Alketa

Mapes, Barkley E.

Marcus, Laura

Markey, Michael A

Marks, Sarah E

Marquez, Cesar

Marquez, Lynda M

Marroquin, Brian

Marshall, Ross

Martell, Louise T

Martinez-Carter, Claudia

Martinez-Galarza, Ismael

Martinez-Ortiz, Rafael J

Martinez-Suarez, Julio E.

Martinez, Zara L

Masciola, Anna M

Masten, Sean

Mata, Gretchen C

Matos, Eunice M

Matus, Karla

Mauri, Gabriela

Maurice, Anthony P.

Mayer, Michael R

Mayton, Sara

Mazzola, Ashley Rose

McCluskey, Jaimie L

McCollum, Catherine R

McFarland, Amy Lynn

McLear, Robert

McMahon, Jennifer Lynn

McNett, Ellen M

McNulty-Braun, Julie A

McTigue, Mary Anne

Medina-Favela, Laura

Mehta, Candace

Meier, Anthony J

Menconi, Caroline O

Mendez, Gina

Mendoza, Heather

Metzke, Carl W

Meyerholz, Sarah Ann

Meyers, Brian

Mihlon, Jeffrey R

Miho, Alma

Miquelon, Jamie L

Miquelon, Jonathon R

Miranda, Eddie

Misicka, Jason

Missile, Brenda

Molina, Martin F

Molof, Keith

Mondi, Christi R

Montreal, Marina A

Montelongo, Luisa Manuela

Mooberry, Laura

Mora, Jose L

Morales, Sandra

Moreno, Jaider

Morgan, Stacy A

Mudd, Jacquelyn A

Mulhearn, Michael J.

Muniz, Modesto E

Munoz-Garcia, Luz Selenia

Murray, Lisa

Murray, Sean

Muskovich, Kathleen M

Mutschler, Molly J


Narofsky, Rebecca

Nava, Maria

Needham-Wall, Jeannette P

Nehf, Lauren M

Neuberg, Christine

Nieto, Clara G

Nittel, Tamika

Nolan, Jeanne

Nolan, Jennifer Lee

Nora, Lora

Norton, Barbara A

Norwood, Mary Catherine

Noyola, Margarita

Nunez, Juana Rosa

Nystedt, Elizabeth C

O'Brien, John

O'Donnel, Shawn

O'Mara, Joan

Oates, Angelina M

Ocampo, Laura W

Ortiz Ortiz, Aurer F

Ossman, Danielle M

Ostrowski, Melinda J

Page, Emma

Palewski, David W.

Palmer, Sara

Pansino, Gina M

Park, Katie Y

Parratore, Stacy A

Pater, David James

Patterson, Rachael Emily

Peacock, Dan M

Pecaro, Dawn M

Pekar, Melissa B

Peak, Valerie

Peldonia, Jamie Marie

Pelletiere, Gina

Peltz, Alison M

Pena-Pettey, Lori Ann

Perdomo de Jimenez, Josbeth D

Perez-Llorente, Pedro

Perez, Diana L

Perez, Lisa B.

Perez, Luis

Perez, Victoria Elizabeth

Perrone, Wendy Jo

Perch, Rebecca N

Pestana, Mario

Peterson, Andrea Lynn

Peterson, Diane M.

Petrovich, Ashley Dawn

Pettenuzzo, Jillian L

Pfaff, Robert G

Pfeifer, Cathleen

Pfeifer, Sarah

Pitstick, Justine Marie

Plach, Adam J

Pombo, Maria

Pomilia, Samantha L

Porto, Jennifer T

Post, Andrea

Prado, Angelica

Prado, Jaime

Preble, Kurt A.

Price, Kevin

Proberts, Tamara A

Pusavc, Brittany K

Radcliffe, Rachel Lauren

Radomsky, Ernestine

Raine, Pamela

Rakes, John Patrick

Ramirez, Nydia

Ramos, Diana L

Rangel, Jesse

Rattana, Sonepheth J

Rea, Lamie C

Reissig, Jason D

Renteria Jr., Miguel

Resto, Jose A

Ricci, Jillian E

Rich, Ann M

Richmond, Allison

Riley, Mary Beth A

Rivera-Rodriguez, Luis A

Rivera, Alexander John

Rivera, Astrid M

Robbennolt, Rebecca M

Robinson, Laura E.

Robison, Amy

Rodriguez, Courtney R

Rodriguez, Deva

Rodriguez, Karla Celeste

Rogers, Eli C

Rojas, Angela T

Romeo, Cheryl E.

Rosales Ordaz, Vanessa

Rosales, Cesar F

Rosenberg, Tara L

Ross, Lindsay A

Roudebush Nelson, Amanda L

Ruffie, Lauren E

Ruiz Chueca, Marta

Ruiz, Isidoro

Rupp, Jason Jerome

Sagert, Georgina

Saga, Lisa M

Sakiewicz, Michael Vincent

Salians, Kerri L

Sandoval, Julian

Sandrik, John R

Sansone, Tara Nicole

Santiago-Rivera, Irohilda

Santiago, Gloria

Saxsma, Jennifer A

Scafidi, Amanda

Schacht, Amanda

Schauer, Rachel

Schertz, Steven

Schifferer, Krista L.

Schlitter, Tamara Anne

Schmidt, Anne F

Schmidt, Kaitlin C

Schmuck, Alicia J

Schnaedter, Lisa C

Schneider, Jeffrey J.

Schwantz, Robert

Schwartz, Erica N

Schwartz, Sarah Elizabeth

Sciacca, Jessica L

Scianna, Michael J

Scott, Jenifer E.

Scott, Mary

Sefcik, Jo Anne

Seiter, Israel David

Selusnik, Donald J

Sennett, Max

Sepke, David H.

Sepp, Linda

Shales, Petrecia A

Shannon, Emily Anne

Sharf, Katherine J.

Shaughnessy, Jennifer

Shaw, Ian Michael

Shelton, Jeron E.

Sherman-Wells, Pamela Anne

Shim, Peter

Shore, Susan J

Sieckman, Ryan R

Sieczkowski, Joseph W

Simpkins, Lisa Marie

Sitter, Sarah

Slattery, Patrick

Sliwa, Dorothy E

Smiley, Kristen H

Smith, Barbara M

Smith, David Alan

Smith, Ellen A

Smith, Heather

Smith, Robert John

Soderstrom, Kassandra Amy

Solve, Terence S

Sorensen, Lori

Sparks, George F.

Spencer, Heather Marie

Spencer, Mallory Kate

Spieglan, Andrea M

Staples, Paul

Stasko, Linda

Steele, Joanna K

Stevenson, Marni R

Stewart, Eric J

Stewart, Joshua

Strasser, Jennifer L

Strejc, Bonnie G

Stringham, Sandra

Stroh, Terry Lee

Suffredin, Melanie D

Sulzman-Gorrity, Laura

Superczynski, Scott Eugene

Svacha II, Michael C

Swinford, Deborah L.

Sylvester, Stephanie M.

Szpejnowski, Steven

Szwaja, Laura E

Taylor, Kari H

Thakkar, Aekta Y

Thornton, Melissa J

Tiberi, James

Tinning, Patrick J

Tomasik, Tracy N.

Tornero, Kathryn

Torres, Rolando O.

Torres, Armando

Torres, Bertha

Torres, Nancy E

Torres, Rocio

Trinidad, Samantha Kate

Tsupruk, Irina

Tucker, Nicole

Tuftedal, Melissa S

Tummillo, Gia

Upton-Dunmore, Alison L

Vacco, Michelle J

Valdes, Michelle L

Vale-Acevedo, Lissette

Valentino, Ruth E

Vallejo, Cesar S.

Van Antwerp, Heather Marie

VanBooven, Thomas William

Vance, Erin F

Vande Moortel, Jacob J

Vandermolen, Robert

Vanderwall, Christopher D.

Varney, Jennifer L

Varrassi, Deena M

Vasquez, Adrienne Ann

Vasquez, Anna

Vazzana, Lisa Marie

Veaz-Morales, Maria I

Veldt, Kelly K

Verastegui, Irma M

Victorsen, Kara E.

Vidal DeAnta, Aldo Miguel

Vierneisel, Jennifer Anne

Villanueva, Jovita

Vincent, Sally B

Volkman, Nicole R

Verderer, Theresa L

Walkosz, Tiffany Noelle

Watrous, Jennifer M

Weathers, Sheila Kay

Webb, Richard

Weincek, Ginger

Weisensee, Gloria

Whence, Eva A

Westcott, Rebecca A

Wetzel, Christine E

Whitenack, Erica Lynn

Whither, Charles

Wilkinson, Anne M

Wilson, Amy D

Windland, Matthew D.

Windt, Jenna

Winters, Heather M

Winters, Jonathan David

Witt, Karen

Witt, Tiffany M

Wright, Isabelle K

Yaghmour, Mona T

Yeboah, Mary Hannah

Year, Leticia

Young, Barbara A

Zaldivar-Pitarch, Ana

Zampa, Mary Jo

Zeh, Jessica Erin

Zewde, Dominique Fekade

Ziebell, Tobey Lynn

Zitnik, Scott E

Zombori, Angela

Zoubek, Anthony D


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