Hawthorn Woods planning recreation survey

By Adam DeRose
Posted2/17/2010 12:01 AM

Hawthorn Woods village officials want to build and expand recreation programming and are looking to residents' responses to an online survey for guidance.

The village began the process last week, and has already received nearly 150 responses to the survey that seeks information about household ages and recreation programs of interest. The five-minute survey also includes a space for comments.


"We're expanding the parks programming and we wanted to see what residents want to see," said Pam Newton, the village's chief operating officer.

The village is considering ideas on how to use its parks facilities and open space after looking into its comprehensive plan for development, Newton said.

So far, results are slanting toward adult fitness and senior programming, as well as early childhood programs. The village plans to incorporate the results as it develops new programs for the remainder of the year.

"We are definitely taking into account what the residents are looking for," said Kelly Carlson, the village's new recreation coordinator. "We really don't have anything concrete yet, but we're working on it."

The parks and recreation department's budget will not be affected by the new programming or the survey results.

"It's how we direct our time and effort," Newton said. "Program coordination is going to be affected."

If there are capital improvements mentioned in the survey, they will be considered, but not this fiscal year, she said.

Residents who signed up for village e-mails received a notification about the survey. The village also plans to send a version of the survey to residents by mail.