Cohen should have been allowed to run

Posted2/16/2010 12:01 AM

I say let Scott Lee Cohen run for the office of lieutenant governor in Illinois. Are we not the nation of second, third and fourth chances? Leave his past in the past. Cohen seems to have run a fair campaign, and certainly made it known he was working to help people find jobs. He seems to be a very successful entrepreneur, having the cash to pay for his campaign. He just may be the rose in the desert of political sludge in Illinois. He is the last thing that the Illinois Democrats need.

He may not be the choice running mate for acting governor Pat Quinn, and calling for Cohen to step aside is no different from Quinn calling for Roland Burris to step aside, no different from Quinn calling for Blagojevich to part company with the state.


I say let Scott Lee Cohen run for the office against the other candidates seeking the position in November and may the best person win. That's how it works in this country.

What we do need in Illinois an open primary where voters can select candidates from both parties without having to declare their allegiance as a Democrat or Republican. Many of us have our likes and dislikes of candidates from both sides of the aisle. The primary is nothing more than a way for Republicans and Democrats to take attendance and gauge their strength, or lack of it. And then they wonder why voter turnout is so low.

Gary Lichthardt



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