Del Mar is best bet for Republican party

Posted1/30/2010 12:01 AM

Aaron Del Mar is a Proud Republican.

I am responding to the lies by Gary Skoien and his campaign against Aaron Del Mar. Del Mar is running against the incumbent Skoien for Palatine Township Republican Committeeman, and apparently that makes Skoien angry, despite his multiple challenges of a sitting Republican Congressman several years ago.


Skoien and pals are attacking Del Mar, lying to the public by saying he is not a Republican. Yet they know this is a lie because Skoien himself made Del Mar a precinct captain in his Republican organization. He even signed a letter thanking Del Mar and sent him an official membership card. Why is Skoien lying? Because he's desperate, and in that desperation he will try anything to hold on to power. It's telling that the heads of the Illinois and Cook County Republican Parties endorsed Del Mar over the incumbent. This unprecedented move shows how much of a cancer Skoien has become for the Republican Party.

Don't believe the lies. Aaron Del Mar is a proud Republican, and I can personally attest to that. I was also on the ballot challenging Skoien, but when I saw there were two of us challenging the embattled incumbent I immediately teamed up with Aaron to ensure we did not split the vote and let someone like Skoien sneak in a victory. I dropped out of the race because I believe Aaron Del Mar is our best hope in Palatine Township for turning the page on the corruption of the past and uniting the Republican Party.

As a political consultant I've worked with countless Republicans across Illinois, so I have the experience to back up this claim: Aaron Del Mar is a Republican you can be proud of.

Collin Corbett