As a loyal Republican, I'm voting for Del Mar

Posted1/30/2010 12:01 AM

This being the last week of campaigning for this election, I felt it my duty to set some misconceptions straight. I am a former member of the Palatine Township Republican "TOPPER" organization. I canceled my membership after reports of the prostitution incident that occurred at Gary Skoien, the current committeeman's, home. While I was a member, I met Aaron Del Mar at a TOPPER function.

I knew Aaron was a card-carrying, dues-paying member, and Aaron has always considered himself a Republican. I personally asked Aaron Del Mar to run for Palatine Township Committeeman. I know there is no one who would ever accuse me of being a Democrat.


I was the Assistant to the Northeast Field Coordinator for Jim Edgar's gubernatorial campaign in 1990 and have worked hard for Republicans since.

Gary complains Aaron Del Mar conducted a paid event for the Clinton campaign and publicly asked those at a TOPPER Meeting to boycott a local Palatine coffee shop because she was selling negative George Bush buttons. If we all only did business with people in our own party we would all be out of business.

Furthermore, Rush Limbaugh, considered the most influential conservative in America, asked voters to participate in "Operation Chaos" and pull a democrat ballot in order to vote for Hillary Clinton. Is Gary going to accuse all of those voters of being a Democrat?

Don't let Gary Skoien "bully" you out of your vote by believing his lies. Join me in voting for Aaron Del Mar, a fair and honest Palatine business man, for township Committeeman, and we will all start a new and all inclusive group of Palatine Township Republicans.

Sharon Langlotz-Johnson