Palatine GOP still needs Skoien to lead

Posted1/25/2010 12:01 AM

I have known Gary Skoien for many years. I first met him when he was running against Phil Crane. I was working for Phil and I thought, this should be interesting, and it was! Gary ran one of the most ethical, clean campaigns against Phil anyone could hope for. From that time on I decided I would also work for Gary in his endeavors.

I was so thrilled when he won the committeeman's position because we had just spent four years in the wilderness under Jack Tatooles. The Republican party was nonexistent!


Gary Skoien has revitalized and built the party into a vibrant, effective organization. We need Gary to continue building the effectiveness of the Republican organization in Palatine Township!

Aaron Del Mar has never belonged to the TOPPER organization and has done NOTHING for the Republican party. In fact, when he votes (which is seldom) he votes Democratic, so let's NOT put him in charge of TOPPER.

Mr. Del Mar is backed by those who have ALWAYS been against Gary and have been trying to destroy him and remove him from office.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have taught school for 30 years and I have NEVER seen a case where the father has received custody of his children in the case of a divorce. Gary Skoien has received FULL CUSTODY of his three children, so do you really believe the courts would have given him FULL CUSTODY if any of the charges against him were true? NO! NO! NO!

Please do not believe the trash that is being printed about Gary! A vote for him means the continuation of a strong, effective local Republican party!

Carol B. Tesmer