Durbin needs to learn about Asian carp

Posted1/25/2010 12:01 AM

I have to respond to the news story about the Asian carp and Senator Durbin's remarks.

He upset me and I believe he is out of touch as to the severity of the problem. The Asian carp have breached the barrier. Durbin said, "We don't yet know which actions should be taken to ensure that these carp don't reach Lake Michigan... We are not in denial of the problem."

Senator Durbin, where have you been? You are not in denial, you are oblivious.

We have been dealing with the Asian Carp for over ten years. There was a plan that if completed had great promise to stop the Asian carp unfortunately it was not followed.

Haven't you followed the dispersal barrier panel's lack of progress? Haven't you followed the lack of progress by the Army Corps of Engineers who said the two-part permanent barrier would be completed five years ago? Didn't you read the studies that said the electric barrier would not stop the Asian carp but only slow its invasion?

Senator Durban, you should have known that the barrier plan included an ecological barrier, which is years behind schedule and yet to be designed.

The execution of this project has been pathetic from the start. The goal was too low (only to slow the invasion), the Army Corps lacked a sense of urgency, and Congress appropriated funding like drunken fools and never expected any results. No accountability, no spending oversight.

You wasted taxpayer money.

Senator, you have no understanding of the value of the Great Lakes ecosystem, it is priceless.

Thomas Marks

New York director

Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council

Derby, N.Y.