Kotecki, Pierotti have solid records

Posted1/24/2010 12:01 AM

An incumbent needs to meet two tests. Do they actually meet the goals of their position and do they do it with fiscal responsibility. Sadly, most do not, but there are two incumbents in the DuPage Forest Preserve who voters need to return to their current posts: President Dewey Pierotti and District 6 Commissioner Roger Kotecki.

They are on the Republican Feb. 2 primary ballot.


The forest preserve district's purpose is "to acquire and hold land ... for the pleasure and recreation of its citizens." A walk anytime of year through the preserves of DuPage County is proof of the dedication of these two environmentalists. Recognized, and endorsed by the Illinois Sierra Club is further evidence of their service.

All of this has been accomplished while reducing the tax levy rate in 12 of the last reported 14 years.

If you have not enjoyed the forest preserves, please do. They are all around us. Continue to improve them by voting for Kotecki and Pierotti.

Terry Witt