Obama, staff will ruin our country

Published5/30/2009 12:00 AM

Having watched Barack Obama for the first time in days, it occurred to me that this man could not manage a Citgo station under the national supervision of Hugo Chavez.

He has never met a payroll and certainly has no clue about management of a business. His appointees that oversee the treasury, national security, etc. have proven in less than 100 days to be incompetent.


Wake up America!

It is time to become adults and vote these incompetent people out of office who rely strictly upon appealing to people who never pay taxes to elect them year in and year out.

They are nothing but Socialist at best or Communist at worst. They will weaken this country to the point of disaster for your children and your grandchildren.

In the next election it is important for you to support the United States and its founding principles so our nation can continue to exist as the greatest in the history of the world in the shortest period of time. That means promote capitalism and the free market.

Further, as far as national security is concerned, bullies only understand strength. This administration does not understand that principle. I learned that on the playground at my school when I was a child. My father taught me how to box so I could ward off bullies. It worked like a charm.

Steven R. Heuberger


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