Guns have never loaded themselves

Updated 11/3/2021 8:39 AM

I find it quite amusing when one letter writer had used a silly riddle.

Another amusing letter is the one who wants to take away the Second Amendment and penalize all the legal and law abiding gun owners.


Why penalize law-abiding citizens? Penalize those who commit these crimes and do not infringe on our right. We have that right as law-abiding citizens and we still need that amendment today.

And to all who wrote that guns kill -- that will be the first if any when a gun loads itself, aims and pulls the trigger without any human help.

Give me a break. Anti-gun people get real for once. The person who commits these crimes is the one who is responsible for the murder he or she commits, not the guns.

Hands that are trained properly could be considered deadly weapons. Think about it for a moment before placing the blame on guns, the school, mental health.

Joe Pasternak

Elk Grove Village

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