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    Illinois tollway equipment operator John Wagner recalls a close call with a driver who hit his stopped truck along I-90 in 2011.

    Editorial: Traffic law aims to build safe driving habits

    A Daily Herald editorial says changes to the law involving safety of stopped vehicles on the highway are important - but are limited unless drivers commit to changing their habits when they see flashing lights.


    Will: Trump, North Korea and a slippery slope to nuclear war

    Conservative columnist George Will notes the danger of allowing President Donald Trump access to the nuclear but, and the paradoxical danger of limiting his access to it.


    Trump demonstrates the art of the concession
    Columnist Fareed Zakaria: With his decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, President Donald Trump did something puzzling for a person who claims to be a great dealmaker. He made a massive, pre-emptive concession to one side in a complicated negotiation without getting anything for it in return.


    Sinclair Broadcasting is an ominous threat
    A Palatine letter to the editor: While most media outlets are concerned with sex and taxes, the appointed head of the Federal Communication Commission Ajit Pai has been changing communication 
rules to allow a divisive media conglomerate Sinclair Broadcasting to take over nearly three-fourths of the country’s local TV stations including WGN.


    Fight trophy hunting
    A Glen Ellyn letter to the editor: Kudos to Candy Knippenberg for her letter protesting large game trophy hunting.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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