Another RBG moment

The Democrats are having an RBG moment. They could have put another Democratic judge on the bench during the Obama administration when Dems had the Senate. Because of loyalty, sentimentality and arrogance, they did not ask/insist that Ruth Bader Ginsburg resign while there was a chance to replace her with another liberal justice. When available, Republicans took every opportunity to stack the court. They did, and they are winning. Now we have an incumbent Democratic president who cannot win this election. Because of loyalty, sentimentality and arrogance, he refuses to step down, in spite of urgent calls from his own party.

Time and again, Republicans have proved pragmatic, ruthless, and scheming. Democrats have been idealistic, sentimental, and naive. Look who’s winning.

Start making the tough decisions now, Democrats. Stop being “nice.” Or there won't be a Democratic Party.

Russell Scott Manthy


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