Americans starting to wake up?

Are the American people finally beginning to wake up and challenge the idea that America is not fundamentally a racist nation?

Even liberal comedian, Bill Maher, says that “wokeness has become a hyper focus on race and racism ….an emphasis that has gone from helpful to harmful.”

Just one example is the fact that Northwestern Law School is being sued over their hiring practices; claiming bias against white men.

The suit claims that a whole group of well-qualified white men have been passed over or discriminated against because of the color of their skin and Northwester University has hired less-qualified candidates in order to meet racial preference targets.

Merit or finding the best person to fill the job is no longer the main objective but meeting affirmative action quotas is the main criteria for filling these positions.

Jonathan Mitchell, attorney for the plaintiffs, is bringing suit against Northwestern and he says that practically every university in the country is in violation of federal anti-discrimination laws. And that this is just the first suit against many other universities who are violating federal anti-discrimination laws.

Bill Maher and many others in America are finally coming to realize that the main element of woke ideology is the emphasis on identity above all other facts. Your worth in society is not determined by what you do, what you believe or what you contribute.

Instead your value is determined almost exclusively by your race and gender.

Larry O’Neill


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