A nod to the past

Two disparate ideas entered my mind recently. The first is a suggestion for Democratic political convention delegates. Why not reintroduce the charming tradition of nominating a “favorite son?” The Illinois delegation could nominate JB Pritzker as a favorite son and our neighboring states, acting as good neighbors, would “temporarily” back him for the presidency. Then all those states with Hyatt Hotels could see backing JB as the nominee as a shrewd business decision. No harm, no foul. Bye-bye, Joe.

My second heat-induced brainstorm is more of a question. In less than a year and a half the United States of America will be celebrating its 250th birthday. I have not heard one peep about plans for a celebration. Planning for the bicentennial took years! What has become of the country I love, when nobody cares anymore?

Just wondering …

Sheila M. Barrett

Elk Grove Village

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