Reject the demagogue running for president

Reader Anthony Buttitta's letter “Nation faces possible autocracy” was right on. The most disturbing insight was the way Trump supporters will overlook anything he does, even at the cost of losing our democracy.

Exactly. We have even heard some of his supporters say outright that they think a dictator is what our country needs. How can one possibly come to such a viewpoint?

You can find the answer by reading the Wikipedia definition of a “demagogue,” because that is exactly what Trump is. It's a particular behavior pattern and skill set to hoodwink people into support with appealing lies and energizing common fears and hatreds.

The sad part is that those who support Trump don't anticipate how their attachment to his values and style will eventually backfire on them. The handwriting on the wall is Trump's promises of reprisals for his non-supporters. Wait till that becomes reprisal and repression of any dissent. And there go everyone's freedoms.

Come November, whatever your support or lack of enthusiasm for President Joe Biden is, he is at least the placeholder for democracy and freedom. Vote accordingly.

Reinhard Metz


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