Vietnam, Palestinian protests not the same

I find the recent comparisons between the pro-Palestinians and anti-Vietnam war protests nothing short of ridiculous and disturbing. It’s an insult to Vietnam veterans.

Let’s start with the obvious; no American boys and girls are getting killed on college campuses or in Gaza, unless you want to count the Americans kidnapped and taken to Gaza by Hamas terrorists. Also important to point out Israel has its own democratically elected government. Yes, they are dependent on the United States for many things including weapons, but should also be pointed out the U.S. is dependent on Israel for many things as well, including military intelligence against some countries and terrorist organizations like Iran and Hamas who call for the destruction of both America and Israel.

And how funny is it the “protesters” are making demands from the universities? Talk about the inmates trying to run the asylum.

Here’s a suggestion, after proper warnings, those who go beyond peaceful protests, simply expel them. Not suspend, expel. Have them go home to Mommy and Daddy and explain how the hundreds of thousands of dollars they invested in their futures are now essentially wasted. By the way, maybe they can also Google Iranian television, which is happily exploiting their ill-informed escapades on their government-controlled television networks.

Bruce Parker

Arlington Heights

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