BioDome, the Reptile Emporium welcomes its first immense Parson’s chameleon

BioDome reptile emporium in Libertyville has announced the arrival of the first immense Parson’s chameleon (Calumma parsonii) to its exotic pet collection. This remarkable chameleon, known for its vibrant colors and unique features, is now available for reptile enthusiasts and pet lovers.

About the immense Parson’s chameleon

The immense Parson’s chameleon is a captivating reptile native to Madagascar. Here are some fascinating facts about this extraordinary creature:

• Color-changing abilities: Like all chameleons, the immense Parson’s chameleon is famous for its ability to change color. Whether it’s blending into its surroundings or expressing its mood, this chameleon’s skin can transform into various shades of green, brown, and even turquoise.

• Impressive size: As the name suggests, the immense Parson’s chameleon is one of the largest chameleon species. It can reach lengths of up to 27 inches (70 cm) from snout to tail. Its elongated body, prehensile tail, and independently moving eyes make it a captivating sight.

• Unique eye movement: Speaking of eyes, the immense Parson’s chameleon has remarkable vision. Its eyes can move independently, allowing it to scan its environment for prey, predators, or potential mates. This visual flexibility is essential for survival in the wild.

• Gentle temperament: Despite its impressive size, the immense Parson’s chameleon is surprisingly gentle. It adapts well to captivity and can become a delightful pet for responsible keepers. Its calm demeanor and slow movements make it an excellent choice for reptile enthusiasts of all levels.

Why Choose the immense Parson’s chameleon as a pet?

• Low maintenance: The immense Parson’s chameleon requires minimal care compared to other reptiles. Regular misting, a spacious enclosure with plenty of branches, and a varied diet of insects and greens are all it needs to thrive.

• Stunning aesthetics: With its striking colors and unique appearance, the immense Parson’s chameleon is a living work of art. Imagine having a piece of Madagascar’s rainforest right in your home.

• Educational value: Owning an immense Parson’s chameleon provides an opportunity for education. Learn about its natural habitat, behavior, and conservation efforts while observing this captivating creature up close.

BioDome prioritizes ethical treatment and responsible pet ownership. Their staff is passionate about reptiles and exotic animals, and will assist customers in choosing the perfect pet. Experienced reptile keepers and first-time enthusiasts alike are invited to visit our and meet the immense Parson’s chameleon in person.

BioDome - The Reptile Emporium, is at 336 Peterson Road, Libertyville. Call (224) 433-6235 or rmail For more information, visit Follow them on Facebook: BioDome The Reptile Emporium.

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