Views misguided on Trump, SCOTUS

In a recent letter, Mr. Jurgenson says Trump owns the SCOTUS. I find that amusing in that the court voted unanimously to allow him on the ballot, stating that only Congress has the power do that. According to him, Trump owns the liberals on the court, which I find amusing also.

In other words, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment does not disqualify Trump for running for the presidency.

Trump was not responsible for Jan. 6. Did he not hear Trump say to "peacefully protest?” I did. How can he be responsible for actions of other people? As for abortion, there is nothing in the Constitution that says anything about that. If people want that in the Constitution, then amend it. They ruled correctly on that.

Where did this writer ever get the idea that Trump could order Seal Team 6 to take out a political rival? Like the Democrats are doing everything in their power to take out Trump right now? We as citizens of the United States must do everything in our power to elect Trump and rid this country of the corrupt Biden administration.

John G. Snowwhite III


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